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Renovation Of An Old Residence
Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Sealed with Style is a 'Boutique and Parlor' located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. The shop was established in an old residential building from the 1960s, which has been converted to meet the owner's specific requirements for comfort and functionality.

Tag: Interior Design, Retrofitting, Renovation

Retrospecting Genocide- Awakening the Existence of Zinzira Bazar

In 1971, 3 million people were killed in Bangladesh, but the genocide is still unrecognized globally. The few preserved mass graves and killing sites are not enough. A significant killing site in Zinzira has been identified and could be turned into a memorial that balances the existing bazaar function with the site's history.

Tag: Thesis Project, Research, Geopolitics, War, War-crime, Urban Design, Neo-Contextual

Residential Building Design
Uttara, Dhaka

Through careful consideration of the client's requirements, a residence was designed that not only meets their specific needs but also offers a sound architectural solution that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. The inclusion of a duplex unit with direct rooftop access, alongside rentable floors, provides a versatile living space that caters to the needs of the modern-day family while also generating income through rental opportunities.

Tag: Residential Building, Architectural Layout

Gonoshasthya Hospital- Dormitory Building, Savar

The Ganashasthya Hospital's commitment to providing quality healthcare and education is reflected in its proactive approach to accommodate the growing number of medical students. By designing a proposal for male and female dormitories with all the necessary facilities, including a focus on natural ventilation for energy savings, the hospital administration is ensuring that its students have access to safe, comfortable and sustainable housing.

Tag: Residential Building, Dormitory, Contextual Analysis

Interior Design- Café 
WEWB Hospital, Vatara

A proposal for Wage Earners' Welfare Board Hospital, Vatara, Dhaka. The task was to break the monotony of a regular café and make it more functional. The café would be assigned to the duty doctors of the Hospital. 

Tag: Interior Design, Café Design

Duplex - Pallabi, Dhaka

This project showcases the successful merger of two 1500 sq. ft. flats into a functional duplex unit that provides ample living space and all necessary amenities. With a focus on optimizing space, the lower level houses service-oriented functions while the upper level accommodates comfortable living quarters for the family. The design team's ability to meet the client's needs with innovative and efficient solutions is evident in this harmonious and functional living space.

Tag: Interior Design, Duplex Residential Unit

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